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August 6, 2010

The Owner Of My Heart

.aku cuba mencintaiMU Tuhan..

aku cuba mencintaiMU Tuhan
tapi tidak juga terasa
aku cuba berkali-kali pun
namun aku belum juga jatuh hati denganMU
aku susah hati aku sedih selalu
mengapa terjadi begini
mengapa cintaku padaMU
belum berbunga lagi
sedangkan aku tahu aku akui
nikmatMU terlalu banyak padaku
kalau hendak dihitung
tidak mungkin dihitung..

aku iri hati selalu
cerita dan berita
orang soleh zaman dahulu
hebatnya cinta mereka padaMU
hilang selera makan keranaMU
asyik memuja dan memujiMU
mensucikan dan membesarkan MU
terutama diwaktu malam yang sepi diwaktu orang mimpi mereka memujaMU..merintih padaMU
mengharapkan kasih sayang padaMU
air mata mereka membasahi pipi
adakalanya menitis kebumi
mereka merasa Engkau adalah segala-galanya

Engkau adalah hidup mati mereka
Engkau adalah dibibir mereka
Engkau adalah hati jantung mereka
tapi aku tidak begitu
hingga kini aku belum mencintai kekasih agungmu
baru aku sedar..
cinta padaMU adalah anugerah
dan hidayahMU
bertuahlah dan berbahagialah
orang yang Engkau anugerahkan kecintaan padaMU
aku bilakah lagi Tuhan....
dapat sedikit pun jadilah...
wahai TUHAN al-Hannan wal Mannan...

Why is it hard to give you heart entirely to Allah? Or in a simple word, why is it hard to fall in love with your God? Truly, the love of Allah is need of time. Let us reflect ourselves, shall we? First, we are unaware of our God and ignorant of the close relationship. Second, we are lack of desire to be close to our Creator.

Today, people are arrested by the love of 'dunya'. I do not deny that I am one of them. If I were to say to my friend, my love to you is because of Allah, did I really meant my love is only for Allah? He is only the one to be loved, to be remembered, to be admired, to be worshipped... Did all my actions express that?

When I am in the middle of study, and when the call of the prayer comes, did I immediately leave my study? No. So, do my heart belongs to Allah better than anything?

When I am in the middle of my beauty sleep, and suddenly I wake up.. I decided to continue to be in my dreamland rather than doing the Qiamullail. So, do my heart belongs to Allah better than anything?

When I struggling hard in my study, my worries are "What will people say if I get a low g.p.a"? "I must show that I'm very capable in my studies besides all the da'wah works I did" "I am aiming for the first class during my graduation." " What if I didnt get any promotion after I graduated if my result is too poor?". But the thoughts and feeling that do not haunt me is "I study hard only and only to get the blessing of Allah" "because Allah commands me to study" Putting aside the thought of impressing people.
So, do my heart belongs to Allah better than anything?

Let us do self reflection.. Compare the love we give to human? Are we being bias with our own God?

August 5, 2010

On this road

Frankly speaking, I'm not a person who is able to write that good. But I'll try my best to write good things for the ummah just like my other sohabiah. I'm not new in the road of da'ie but still, my maturity to act as a da'ie can be stated, as a beginner. I was in awed and ashamed of myself seeing my friends are ahead of me. To all sohabiah, all of you have become my inspirations in this field. As the japan saying "Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!!" (hope the meaning fits in), meaning please give your guidance..

August 3, 2010

Islam sebagai Addin

Islam Sebagai Ad-din

Pengenalan kepada aqidah Islamiyyah

Ni contoh nota-nota handout yang boleh diberikan pada ahli usrah masing2 mengikut topik perbincangan.

Moga dapat memberi manfaat kepada yang bergelar naqib/h. I try to make the note dalam bentuk lbh rgks, tapi memandangkan permintaan untuk ada penghuraian, jadi konsep 'reader-friendly' (istilah yang direka sendiri) dibuat untuk memudahkan naqib/h bagi penerangan kat adik-adik cuba umaidah apply kt nota ni.

Please give comment. Mgkn boleh diperbaiki lagi supaya tidak penyampaian dalam usrah menjadi lebih berkesan.

Pengenalan kepada aqidah Islamiyyah.

August 2, 2010

I pray...

This beautiful poem had won the first place in ramadhan poem competition.

I pray...

As the sun glides over the horizon,
Towards the West, following the course set,
By He who was not begotten, nor does he beget.
My stomach yearns with hunger,
Alongside my unquenchable thirst.
As time drags on, my thoughts, they burst
Into unsaid prayers that are constantly on my mind;
They surround me, up, down and behind.

For it is reported our beloved Prophet did say,
The prayers of the fasting will be answered one day.
So as I sit all alone in my domain,
I ask my only Sustainer to remove the pain,
My brothers endure in far off lands,
Defending our sisters, blood dripping from their hands.
To help this Ummah regain her might.
To honour me as a martyr by dying in fight.

Ya Rabb! I pray to attain Summaiyah’s strength,
To hold steadfast whilst suffering at great length.
To be fearless and stand tall in the face of a foe,
Just like Umm Imarah, at Uhud, long ago.

I beg to emulate A’isha in speech and mind,
To be learned in fiqh so as to help mankind.
I supplicate to the Lord above!
Bless me with Asma’s care and love.

I pray that I am at ease on that Day,
When kinship and ties are washed away.
That I will be handed my deeds on the right,
That out of me radiates a pure light.
Accept these sincere words and tears,
That stem from my hope and many fears.

Let me strive for You through thick and thin,
And show the World that Islam will win.
I yearn to be a reviver of Your State,
Making Your Word supreme, before it’s too late.

Let me not be in ignorance when I die,
But rather, like Fatima ascend with angels in the sky.
And attain the Garden with pleasures everlasting,
Entering through Ar-Raiyan, the gate of the fasting.

Let's read

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