Exam exam...

Assalamualaikum everyone!!!

Long since I'd decided to write a little bit of thought in this blog. My sisters keep reminding me.. "Update la blog tu!!!".. huhu. Guess I'm to lazy to start writing again.

Yup, just like the title, I'm in the mid of my final exam for the 4th semester. There is still one paper left ; "Information System Engineering". I got 4 days to study since my previous paper, so there is
still plenty of time to do past year questions, review some notes, exercises etc etc... My carry mark for this subject is the worst among 6 subjects I taken for this sem, but still, I manage to pass above average. Alhamdulillah. Hoping and praying that there will be no fail subject, (which I never manage to get one before, wheeww). So, I put a note for a reminder on the desktop.

Sesuai ke guna "slacking off"??

Studying could be tiring, especially when you not in the mood. and sleepy too. So, I always listening ikim fm through the internet while studying.

Last wednesday, there was a little briefing about our final project for 5th and 6th semester, ALREADY!!!). I managed to get a good advisor, Puan Naza. (Competition to get an advisor was tough, but with my quick act of contacting the lecturer, I did won!!!) I chose to make a courseware. But I couldnt come up a title yet. With a long holiday, about 4 month, I going to use it "wisely" not entirely, (hehe) to make some research / literature review on the project. I.Allah, I'll be sharing my progress for the project.

I think thats all for now. Huhu. For those who read this post, please pray for the both of us. May Allah bless you. Thanks for dropping by!!!


  1. And it's your faithful sister who's the first to leave a comment. Hehe, tau pun meluat dengaq org suruh update blog! Anyway, mum said you had one really tough paper. My advice- don't fret. Just grit your teeth and do it. Klu semua paper senang, semua orang dpt Dean's List!

    And good going for getting the advisor you wanted! Tu la kebaikan buat baik dgn lecturer..haha. Keep it up :)

  2. hear hear, memang kena baik dengan lecturer, bab2 ambil kesempatan ni mmg I suka sgt muahahah

  3. ye la2... Thank you to my faithful followers for your comments. hehe.. pengajaran2. moga2 diri ini terus istoqamah dlm penulisan blog.


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